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Educator Sign-on Letter: "I stand in Solidarity with Students Jailed at Berks!"

Students Jailed at Berks Family Prison Announce September 15th School Strike

Original letter (spanish)

Translated letter (english)

The students jailed at the Berks Family Immigration Prison have spoken. 
Beginning on September 15th they will launch a school strike, not because they are tired of learning, but because they are desperate to start!

We are urging educators from around the country to stand in solidarity with these students, to demand that they be freed from the immigration jail they are at. These children came to the United States fleeing violence, many of them having been unable to attend school because of the dangers of gangs and violence in their neighborhoods. Now, here in the United States, they are once again being robbed of this opportunity to learn. 

Children at Berks, despite the wide range in ages, often attend school together. Children as young as 12 with children as old at 16, all learning the same coursework, all with the same teachers for every subject from math to science to even gym. The students of Berks are announcing a school strike, calling for their freedom to be able to learn without limits. Something any educator can understand? 

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