Secure Your Own Community

We’ve been leading the charge in finding new and innovative ways to stop deportations since 2008. Having worked on over 1,000 individual deportation campaigns we can definitely walk you through the process and help you protect your own family and community from deportation. Learning these tools is the best way for you to wrap your mind around the immigration enforcement complex that exists in the United States, and to know how to fight back.

Contact us to host your own SYOC training, we’ll be happy to come to you based on what works best for all of us. We  can provide you with a 1-day training to get your feet wet, or you can host the full 2-day training. All of these are very participatory and will walk you and your community through everything from how people end up in proceedings, to the  best ways to put a campaign together and execute it.

The best way to secure your own community is to have an empowered community. Once you and your undocumented community learns their rights and knows how to protect themselves you can begin the process of dismantling all forms of immigration enforcement.