April 6th marks 916 days stuck in Sanctuary for Edith Espinal

Covid-19 presents unprecedented danger and circumstances for her and her family, and we believe she should be able to be home in Columbus, Ohio with her family without fear of deportation. The reality of being isolated in a church unable to care for her family, without access to medical care is absurd. It is clear something different needs to happen here, even if only temporarily. Edith has joined several others in Sanctuary in requesting a Stay of Removal during this pandemic.

Sign this petition calling on the US Conference of Catholic Bishops to intervene in this situation. If ICE were to grant a Stay of Removal, although temporary, it would allow Edith to be home with her family without fear of deportation during these exceptional circumstances.

Take Action: Sign Edith’s Petition Urging USCCB Intervention

“Given the recent developments around this national health emergency, we believe common sense dictates lifting the threat of deportation against vulnerable immigrants like Edith. In late March, the Trump administration extended the federal social distancing guidelines until at least April 30th. Ohio Gov. DeWine has recently issued state-wide stay-at-home orders. It would be absurd to neglect these precautionary but necessary measures. Just like many Americans, Edith is feeling additional stress during this surreal situation. However, unlike many of us, Edith has to also deal with the looming threat of deportation, which is tormenting her and having a toll on her mental health. Just as most of us are depending on our families to help us get through this stressful national health emergency, Edith should be allowed to leave sanctuary without facing arrest to shelter-in-place with her family.” (read more)

This situation is extremely urgent right now. Miriam, the other mother in Sanctuary in Columbus, has recently had her own fears around Corona virus. Her story helps highlights how difficult it is attempting to live in quarantine from both, ICE and this virus. This is why it’s all the more urgent we get your help right now.

Can you help us get the word out?

Share a selfie on social media: (sample message) “I just signed this petition (bit.ly/usccbedith) urging the the US Conference of Catholic Bishops to take immediate action by asking ICE to grant a pandemic Stay of Removal for Edith Espinal. I’ve only been #SocialDistancing for XX days now and I can’t even imagine what Edith’s #915DaysInQuarantine feel like.  Please join me in signing her petition!”

Thank you so much for your help, we know everyone has so much on their plates but it is good to know there are great supporters like all of you out there. If you have any questions or want any direct updates, please follow along with Edith on her Solidarity for Edith Espinal facebook page.