Edith has been living in Sanctuary since September 5th, she has spent nearly 10 months inside of a local church. Edith needs your help right now more than ever, we need to show people that our community will #StandWithEdithEspinal.

Here are 5 easy steps you can take to make sure Edith’s case is a priority for our elected officials:

1-   Call the Columbus City Council and urge them to pass a resolution in support of Edith Espinal. Similar resolutions have been passed in Austin, Texas, Philadelphia, PA and Raleigh, North Carolina. The proposed resolution for Edith calls on our Members of Congress to advocate on behalf of Edith Espinal.

I need your help, the Columbus City Council is currently considering passing a resolution in support of my situtation. Please join me in calling on them to immediately pass this resolution. Call City Council President Hardin's office at (614) 645-5291 or (614) 645-2726"Hi, I was calling in support of the resolution to support Edith Espinal. She has been living in sanctuary at the Columbus Mennonite Church for 10 months now, we need to stand behind her and pass this resolution. Please make this a priority."After you call please sign this petition: http://act.dreamactivist.org/petitions/MTA

Posted by Solidarity with Edith Espinal on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Call Shannon G. Hardin, Council President’s office @ (614) 645-5291 or (614) 645-2726

Sample Call-in Script: “Hi, I am calling to urge the Columbus City Council to make Edith’s case a priority and pass the resolution calling on our Members of Congress to help. Edith has been living in sanctuary for 10-months now, it is time for Columbus to stand with Edith Espinal. Thanks.”

2-   RSVP and attend the next Columbus City Council open meeting. These meetings take place every Monday at 5:00pm at 90 W. Broad Street. The next big meet up to attend a hearing on behalf of Edith is July 30th. Please RSVP if you can attend, arrive early to sign up to speak.

3-    Sign the petition urging the Columbus City Council to #StandWithEdithEspinal. We want to deliver all of these petition signatures directly to the City Council, please add your name and share the petition with your friends. Sign the Petition.

4-    Call Rep. Beatty and ask she make Edith’s case a priority; previous conversations with Rep. Beatty have lead to broken promises. Previously Rep. Beatty told Edith she was too busy in Washington D.C. to visit with her. With it being August Recess for Members of Congress, we are again renewing our request that Rep. Beatty champion Edith’s case. Ask Rep. Beatty to act!

5-    Share something and help us get the word out. As Edith’s campaign continues to grow we need all of the help we can get. Take a minute to share this action alert with your friends on facebook. We also need help from anyone who lives in the area and wants to organize around Edith’s campaign locally. Get in touch with us (columbussanctuarycollective@gmail.com) if you have some spare time to help!

Sample Facebook / Twitter message: “Take Action: Here are 5 things you can do right now to help support Edith who has been living in sanctuary in OH for 10 months now! bit.ly/standwithohedith Please #SHARE”