We need urgent action for Jose Antonio right now.

Please sign his petition calling on Sen. Rubio to intervene in his case. Jose Antonio has been detained by ICE since May of 2018. Jose, his wife and young daughter fled from Cuba and came here to the U.S. for protection. Jose was immediately separated from his family, they were released on their own recognizance, while he has been sent to multiple detention centers.

Jose is in extreme pain. He called his wife on June 22nd to say goodbye, telling her he did not think he’d live to make it out of detention. Jose’s attorneys have been in touch with Sen. Rubio for weeks yet they have refused to move a finger on his case. Sen. Rubio claims to care about Cubans, yet Jose Antonio remains languishing away inside this Louisiana detention center.

After you sign the petition please take a minute to make a call to the Senator’s office directly.

D.C. Office @ 202-224-3041 and Tampa Office @813-853-1099

“Hi, I was calling to find out why Sen. Rubio is refusing to support Jose Antonio? He fled from Cuba and is now being tortured in an American detention center. Jose had hip-replacement surgery just days ago, but he is left languishing away at the center. This is inhumane and unjust. I demand Senator Rubio take immediate action and stop ignoring Jose Antonio!”

Finally, help us get the word out by sharing this graphic with your friends and groups.