Rep. Beto O’Rourke Helps Stop Texas Deportation

A great victory out of Texas, Laura Monterrosa was granted deferred action and told she can stay for another year. This was after more than a six-month long campaign by Grassroots Leadership out of Austin, Texas to get Laura released from the T. Don Hutto detention center. Laura winning discretion shows that it is still possible to win these types of deportation campaigns, even in a Trump administration. What set this case aside from so many others is that Rep. O’Rourke actually reacted to the community pressure and took action by holding DHS in Washington D.C. directly accountable.

Laura first came forward in October of 2017, telling Grassroots Leadership that she had been the victim of sexual abuse at the hands of a CoreCivic detention guard. Instead of immediately release Laura, ICE out of San Antonio denied her request for a stay of deportation. Texas ICE worked with the Williamson County Sheriff’s office to close an investigation into the sexual abuse. Days before Laura was released ICE had demanded she sign travel papers or face prison time.

Let’s celebrate Laura’s victory and continue to fight for others just like her!

BREAKING‼️ Last night, Laura Monterrosa was released from the T. Don Hutto detention center! Laura courageously spoke…

Posted by Grassroots Leadership on Saturday, March 17, 2018