Another great victory coming out of Texas. Victor Avendano was told he’d be released today from the South Texas Detention Center. He was told he was granted an immigration bond of $1,500, and would be let out as soon as his family posted the bond. Victor was first arrested on February 1st by the sheriff’s office after rolling a stop sign at 5am on his way to work. He was scheduled to have a bond hearing with an immigration judge on February 27th. Victor will now be able to continue to fight his deportation case outside of detention, reunited with his family.

This is a huge victory right now, at least since 2014 (yes, under Obama) ICE has been refusing to grant bond for immigrants in detention. They’ve just been forcing immigrants to wait to see if they can get a bond from the judge, a process that can take weeks even when people have representation. This campaign was a success because of Victor’s own family, especially his 17 year old daughter Nataly, being so open and willing to be involved. Reaching out for help and letting the community come out and fight for Victor is what ultimately pressured congressional offices and ICE to act.

Community members started an online petition urging Rep. Hurd (R) to take action. On February 12th Nataly spoke with Rep. O’Rourke, a democratic representative from Texas who is running for senate in 2018, at a campaign event in San Marcos. She pleaded with him to call on his friend Rep. Hurd to help get her dad out.

Congressman Beto O’Rourke agreed this morning in San Marcos to send a note on his office’s letterhead to the Director of…

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On February 16th the Statesman published an op-ed from Nataly, I’ll spend my senior year getting my dad out of ICE custody.

I was very excited for this year; senior year is supposed to be the greatest year of high school. It’s when you find out if you will move on to college, and you can look forward to prom, senior trip and graduation.

This won’t be the case anymore. Instead of looking for prom dresses, nail designs and heels, I’m searching for lawyers, organizations and congressmen — anyone able to help get my dad released.

My prayerful hope is that Congressman Roger Williams, who represents Wimberley, and Congressman Will Hurd, who now represents my dad while he is indefinitely held in a detention center in Pearsall, will both hear my family’s plea and help to reunite us with our father.

And the next day supporters held a rally outside of Rep. Hurd’s office in San Antonio. At the event Nataly dropped off these bears for the members office to hold onto until her dad was released.

On Valentines Day 2017, Victor Avendano gave his children stuffed animals to celebrate. On Valentines Day 2018, Victor…

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