DreamACTivist.org was launched in 2008 by five undocumented youth as a site where we could share our stories of struggle and come together to develop strategies for self-defense in a country that considers us “illegal.” DreamACTivist.org quickly became a site to coordinate political action in support of the DREAM Act and to organize public campaigns to block the deportation of fellow undocumented immigrants.

In 2009, DreamACTivist.org became the official website of the largest, national network of Dreamers, and the go-to-place for undocumented youth fighting deportations. In 2010, it became the online-hub for a national movement to pass the DREAM Act. Since 2010, we have extended DreamACTivist.org’s work to coordinate a national network of undocumented activists in campaigns to fight deportations, to infiltrate detention centers, to bring home deported family members and friends, and to hold politicians and ICE accountable for the violence they commit against our communities.

DreamACTivist.org was from the beginning an online network built by and for undocumented immigrants. And it remains so today. It is the oldest and most trusted online resource for the undocumented and unafraid movement.

Our work is based on the principle that undocumented immigrants know more about how to secure our own communities against immigration authorities than anyone else in this country. If you want to fight a deportation, get someone out of detention, protect your community against ICE, or build a new campaign to help protect our communities, reach out to us at DreamACTivist.org and let us put our shared knowledge and experience to work.